Healthy Homes and Family Wellness

Malnutrition and hunger impacts the lives of families on our programme on many levels. They live on social grants, and are vulnerable and at risk daily. Our Community Care Workers do a home-visit in order to get an understanding of the circumstances within each home and then register the family onto our programme. Once this is done, a six-month contract is signed between Love to Give and the beneficiary in order to secure commitment from them and spell out precisely how Love to Give can assist, for how long and what is expected of the beneficiary.

Food Parcels

Monthly food parcels are given to our beneficiaries. They work in the gardens on a twice-weekly basis, and attendance is strictly monitored. The food parcel consists of tinned pilchards, cake flour, maize meal, rice, samp, corned meat, baked beans, sugar beans, peanut butter, oats, morvite, soup mix and fresh vegetables. The monthly food parcel enables the unemployed person to create a financial breathing space to start thinking about a life that can be different. A second vocational interview is held to establish ways of earning an income, and every effort is made to assist each beneficiary to do this.

Support groups

Support Groups are held weekly, and topics covered include: sexual health, dietary and health education, abuse and violence, and parenting. Gym, yoga and Zumba classes are held twice a week.