Book Sharing

Mikhulu Trust trained three of our beneficiaries as book-sharing facilitators. Our facilitators run workshops with mothers and other caregivers as well as teachers from the local crèches on how to effectively share books with small children. In order to encourage further sharing of books at home, we have opened a library that stocks both Xhosa and English children’s books for use by local families and crèches.

Book sharing is about having a stimulating and rich interaction between an adult and a child over a picture-book. It involves the carer engaging the child actively in conversation about the content of the pictures, relating it to their own experience, and encouraging the child’s curiosity and thinking skills. Regular sharing of books in this manner increases the child’s vocabulary, improves focus and ensures that the child is better equipped when they enter primary school.

@HomeLearning Programme

The goal of this programme is to promote the value of education in Kayamandi. This is achieved by supporting and connecting them with learning through play-based educational activities from Nali Bali, Singakwenza and WordWorks, creating learning support systems in their homes and communities.

We employ two mentors and fifty-one interns who identify learners who have either dropped out of school and encourage them to return to school, or support learners attending school, who are not coping well with their homework. Activities are conducted in the community and at our centre. This programme is run throughout the school year as well as during the holidays.