In 2023, Love to Give is providing 51 Youth (18 – 25 year olds) from Kayamandi with a meaningful work experience and a pathway to further studies or work while at the same time encouraging a culture of active citizenship and volunteerism.

We do this through our partnership with the YearBeyond WCED @HomeLearning and Academic Programme. Love to Give is the Kayamandi hub for the programme and we provide the mentoring support to thirty interns, also called YeBoneers. They are with us for one school year, and receive a monthly stipend.

We build the competence of these youth through on the job mentoring and support, a weekly personal and professional development training programme and targeted work readiness and study support.

What do YeBoneers do?

They work as education activators in communities. They offer fun interactive learning for Grade R to Grade 6 learners who had dropped our of school or who are falling behind. They also facilitate parent and caregiver workshops. On Friday mornings, they participate in Future Fit Fridays to prepare them for the time when their internship comes to an end.


YearBeyond builds social and economic networks by providing youth with pathway support including connections to other youth, study and employment opportunity providers and alumni. Year Beyond also provides corporate and institutions with an opportunity to be part of the solution.