Poverty, Unemployment, Malnutrition in Kayamandi Stellenbosch Community


Move Families and Children to financial autonomy and food security

Empower children to having a better chance at succeeding in life


Healthy parent with a living income through own business or a job

Healthy well-nourished child with quality education

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Youth Internships

Love to Give Theory of Change


Greenlight Survey
Psychosocial Support
Educational & Life-Skills Workshops
Health Workshops
Vegetable-Gardening Training

Nutrition & Food Security

Community Garden Harvests
Home Food Gardens
Monthly Food Parcels
Supplementary Daily School Feeding

Sustainable Livelihoods

Job-Seeker Support
Skills Training
Micro-enterprise Support
Year Beyond Youth Internships


Bi-Annual Health Assessments & Monitoring
Community Care Worker Home Visits
Individual Nutritional Advice
Book-Sharing Project


LOVE TO GIVE is one of the civil society groups (nonprofit organisations) operating in Khayamandi with specific beneficiaries but it has also managed to stretch itself to serve many more people outside of its immediate beneficiaries locally. It deserves all the help, support and various assistance it requires. Personally, I know and have expressed great gratitude on behalf of many many people we refer to Love to Give and are all being helped.

Thumakele Gosa