School meals

Love to Give provides an average of 2 000 children a nourishing meal every school day of the year. The children are from crèches, primary schools and after-care programmes in the community. They receive a peanut butter and Rama sandwich or a fortified porridge, a piece of fresh fruit and milk or vitadrink.

nutritional surveys

Two nutritional surveys are done in a year. The height and weight of more than 3 400 school children is taken, and assessed in order to identify the children who are malnourished. We give special attention and additional food to children with stunting, wasting or who are under weight.

Below are the Nutritional screening test results for the last 13 years. The graphs show the decrease in cases of malnutrition and positive effects of our nutrition programme.

Severely malnourished

Moderately malnourished


Research shows that many children who do not have enough to eat have a diminished capacity to understand and learn.

Carl Sagan