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Love to Give NEWSLETTER, Christmas 2019
“Having a bad diet is a better predictor of future violence than past violent behavior” – Dr Bernard Gesh, senior research scientist, Oxford University.

Eating the wrong foods can literally mess with your minds and with your behaviour, apart from your basic good health, according to scientists.

Several surveys amoungst school children and also prison inmates show a dramatic drop in violence amongst those who received added essential nutrients normally lacking in their regular meals.

In Kayamandi, acute poverty is depriving children of good health, good school results and basic safety.

Love to Give’s nutrition programme is driven by this critical problem.


This year, we fed 2000 children every school day and gave out 1200 monthly food parcels, each with healthy food, proteins and fresh vegetables.

Love to Give is a thriving complex organisation, addressing poverty in a holistic multi-faceted way. It all starts with nutrition, and we need your help to improve what we are doing.

Donate directly to us and you will receive a Donation’s receipt which can be used for tax purposes.

Bank: ABSA
Acc. Name: Stellenbosch Community Development Programme
Acc. No: 406 384 1099


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Love to Give’s motto is “A Caring Community”.
Thank you for reading this, for caring, for your financial support and for being part of our community.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

With Warm Regards

Annabel and the team at Love to Give


Photos and video thanks to Michael Middleton and Janet Sender of Jump Productions