Love to Give NEWSLETTER | December 2023

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As we come to the end of the year, we are delighted to send you our Annual Report.

I hope it will give you a sense of the many people whose lives are enriched, empowered and enabled by your support of our programmes.

Read our 2023 Annual Report

Love to Give’s motto is “A Caring Community”. Thank you for caring and for being part of our community.

When you donate to us, we issue you with a Donation’s Receipt and Section 18A certificate, which can be used for tax purposes in South Africa.

Donate via EFT

Bank: ABSA
Acc. Name: Stellenbosch Community Development Programme
Acc. No: 406 384 1099

Donate via Given Gain

Warmest wishes to you for a wonderful and peaceful festive season!

With warm regards,

Annabel and the team at Love to Give