FEEDING at Love to Give

Every school day at Love to Give we provide a nourishing meal to approximately 1500 children from the two primary schools in Kayamandi. Each child gets either a peanut-butter sandwich or a cup of nutritional porridge and a piece of fruit. All children from the Primary schools in Kayamandi are welcome. Many of the children are very hungry at lunch time and this food provides vital nourishment for their growth as well as energy for the afternoon activities run by our YeBoneers, or youth interns.

We provide the food at our centre which is next to Ikaya Primary School and also from our satellite centre at Kayamandi Primary School. This daily feeding program is made possible by our generous donors. When we receive additional donations, we use the money to provide a cup of milk or other treats for the children as well.


Our vegetable gardens are an integral part of our food programs and provide vital fresh vegetables to our beneficiaries.

We have recently expanded our gardens and have been able to increase the varieties of vegetables that we grow. We have regular harvests of spinach, cabbage,  peppers, brinjals, tomatoes, squash, kale, beans, beetroot, carrots, onions, lettuce, spring onions and broccoli. We have also set aside an area where we grow our own seedlings which is progressing well.

We are extremely  grateful to Anne-Marie Ferreira of Tokara and Wendy Attwell who are staunch supporters of Love to Give’s vegetable gardens and have helped us for the past fifteen years. During the school holidays, their team created new garden beds at  Kayamandi primary for us. The learners at Kayamandi Primary and some of our yeboneers are now tending their own garden sections in the new beds. The photographs below show the progression of the new garden and our beneficiaries working in the new beds.

Fires & STORMS

The first weekend of April was disastrous for many of the

residents in Kayamandi.

Wind speeds of 135km/h were recorded during the storms in the Western Cape and the Stellenbosch area was very hard hit. The homes of a number of our beneficiaries and one of our staff members were destroyed by the winds.

During the same stormy weekend, a fire destroyed 200 homes in Kayamandi and some of our beneficiaries and YeBoneers lost everything.

We were overwhelmed by the generosity in the Stellenbosch community in response to both disasters. Many individuals and companies made donations of food, money for building materials and clothes. We had heart-warming thank you letters from the fire and storm victims.


The day before the Easter week-end Barbara Proudfoot came to the centre for her annual visit representing the Kavod Trust. She brought Easter eggs for the children, but as it was school holidays there weren’t many children at the centre when she arrived. Easter eggs are a rare treat and in minutes word spread and children in the neighbourhood came running to the centre – they were thrilled with their Easter eggs. Little did the children know that the Easter eggs were just a small part of our donors wonderful support of Love to Give’s work in the community.


We are pleased to report that Love to Give’s daily programmes with the learners, the youth and unemployed adults are extremely busy and thriving.

Thank you for your interest in, and support of Love to Give’s work in providing food security for all our beneficiaries, skills training and financial autonomy for unemployed youth and adults, and in empowering children to have a better chance at succeeding in life.


Love to Give is a non-profit organisation and will issue Section 18A tax certificates for donations received from both individuals and organisations. As a Public Benefit Organisation, donations are tax-deductible.

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Bank: ABSA
Acc. Name: Stellenbosch Community Development Programme
Acc. No: 406 384 1099

Branch Code: 632005


With warm regards and many thanks,

Annabel and the team at Love to Give